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ShineX partners with ambitious B2B companies to realize value.

We do this by helping them to accelerate their sales growth, amplify their annual revenues,
position them for follow on investment or to attract high-value acquisition offers. 

We create powerful go-to-market strategies and follow through to execution.

We fine-tune the customer acquisition process, optimize the sales infrastructure,
lowering costs while maximizing results.
We have helped our clients win over $16bn in B2B and B2G sales revenue.

We do this with smart people, great ideas, sharp processes
and clever access to capital and people.

ShineX – Your Value Realization Partner

Let's Grow

You bring the product or service. We bring the people, process and tools to meet your growth goals.

Our Growth Leaders work with you to discover what you need and build out the delivery team from our talent pool. 

We have come to recognize that, while everyone wants the same thing, everyone works differently, so there are different routes to get there. Some need a strategy to define where they are going and what to target. Others are ready to get straight into closing deals. We have the talent and leadership to support you wherever your business needs it. 

We have divided our offering into the 3 key areas that follow below.


/01 Win Revenue

We knew you’d start here. It’s the wrong way round but we get it…you need to close deals. Let’s get some income in and we’ll go back and look at your positioning once you know we deliver.

We support you with that killer articulation of your product for your next sales meeting, create materials to support every element of the deal flow and to close deals, take the pain out of your RFPs and get you prepared for pitches. We’ll bring that perfect blend of personalization and standardization that allows your sales team to hit the ground running fast.

$16bn. The value of revenue won over the past 10 years.

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/01 Win Revenue

Working with, or as, your sales team we provide compelling and targeted:

1. Government and Enterprise RFPs
Whether you need to get on to a supplier list of a prospect or to break into a highly competitive government space – we have the track record, the know-how and the team to find and win bids and RFP’s.

2. Product Marketing Material
We craft your product uniquely to your market, vertical or individual prospect. We create beautiful, compelling ways of expressing the best version of your product or service to the world.

3. Sales Enablement Materials
Together we work out the material you need in your armory to win and retain that deal. From pitch decks, references and case studies, to QBR’s, provocation campaign material, and update reports. We create multimedia delivery – video, digital, print.

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What kind of bidder are you?

This is a bit of fun. There are 4 types of Bidders.


/02 Create demand

The key to closing deals is having enough in the pipeline. We get your inbound and outbound execution focused and on track.

We research markets, target millions of prospects, run clever campaigns to attract the right buyers and write compelling content to create inbound interest.

Every minute we make contact with a prospect.

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/02 Create demand

Working with, or as, your marketing team we provide:

Targeted research and intel
You may dominate in the public sector but not know the breadth and costs of the opportunity in the private sector, or vice versa. We gather the key figures, facts, opportunities and costs to help you make decisions.

Outreach enablement
Demand Gen gets a good kick start with drip campaigns, LinkedIn automation and CSuite access. We plan the strategy to reach the right people with the right message. Using our clever tech tools and great people, your pipeline will be buzzing.

Account based marketing
Nailing that key account does not happen by accident. It takes total commitment. We plan and deliver strong ABM campaigns with creative, engaging and arresting ways to get their attention and get the account.

Content marketing 
Great content is what it takes to keep you relevant out there in this hyperactive digital world. We write content across tech, BPO, property, construction and the professional service sectors. Copy that wins work.

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/03 Position

This is where all the smart work comes together. We understand your place in the market, your product, the size of the addressable market and together, pinpoint the optimized position for the company.

We bring growth hacking tools, smart processes and a strategic approach designed to get you growing in a cost-effective way.

500+ market intel projects undertaken.

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/03 Position

The ShineX Go To Market plan takes 4 weeks, is a joint activity and is what makes all the difference.

  1. The milestones to your exit/growth
  2. Your buyer journey
  3. Customer Segmentation
  4. Buyer Persona’s
  5. Value Proposition
  6. Brand Articulation

From here we have a joint understanding of the scale of the opportunity, the investment in sales and marketing that’s needed and whether capital is a requirement.

Ready, set, grow!

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What people are saying

The growth rates that we have seen, since working with Shine, have been in the triple digits on an annual basis.
This is pretty unique for our industry. 

Bryce Maddox - CEO and Co-Founder, TaskUs


Watch Video (Taskus)

We worked with Shine originally to win the CP5 Network Rail contract. Shine helped us create strategic solutions in our offer, go the extra mile, raise our standards and create a fantastic proposition for our customer, beating much bigger competitors and allowing us to deliver £250 million in sales.

The legacy of that contract has been to create a catalyst for growth. It has enabled us to seek bigger opportunities, to have confidence to win them and to deliver them.

It’s part of the strategic plan now and that was the moment when we believed in ourselves.

Matt Smith - Operations Director, Osborne Infrastructure


Watch Video (Osborne)

Shine helped Balfour Beatty, one of the worlds largest construction companies, to deliver increased market share across several verticals. Over the period of us working together, we won 30 PFI/ PPP Hospital and School schemes, generating £3.2bn in turnover.

In 2013, as this lucrative sector was ending, we were in the middle of a recession. Shine helped us to transform our positioning from the public to the private sector, going on to win the best part of £1bn in sales.

Harry Townley - Work Winning and Business Development Director (Retired 2018)


Revenue Generated 


As a company, we have won over $16bn in Government and Enterprise Sales.

Win Rate


Our win rate in 2018 for government and enterprise bid and RFP work was 85%.



ShineX is based in three locations, the USA, UK and the Middle East.

Two ways to work together

/01On demand sales support

You need help now to get revenue in the door – it could be a must-win RFP, sales process optimization, inside sales support, sales team management, demand generation, go to market strategy, or a deep dive on your value proposition. This is how it works:

  • Together we work out what you need.
  • We appoint a Growth Leader and any team you need.
  • We get the job done, deliver on the metrics. You decide how you engage us on your next project. 

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You have a great product or service. You’re getting traction now but you want more – more conversations, more engagement, more leads, more sales, more capital. You know you want to do something different, you’re not sure what. This is how it works:

Together we work out what you need. We build the right team to deliver the right plan, at the right time. 
  • We become invested in your long term success, and we are rewarded for honing that success.
  • We become an extension of the in-house team, responsible for execution.
  • We are strategic thinkers, tactical problem solvers, functional doers.
  • We grow together.

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