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Anne McNamara 18 August 2020

Women Who Build: Meirav Oren, changing the game.

Welcome to Women Who Build; interviews with women around the world. Brought to you by ShineX, to support and inspire women at all stages of their career to follow their hearts and achieve their ambitions in their lives, businesses and careers that they are building. I’m delighted to interview..

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Anne McNamara 10 May 2019

We've re-branded: ShineBid is now ShineX

In 2008 we launched ShineBid - to support growing companies to win bids, tenders and RFPs. We have been honoured to work with such an amazing and diverse range of clients over the last 11 years. As we continue our expansion into international markets and wider growth solutions, we have made the..

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Hope Draper 8 May 2019

The playbook isn't always right

We have been working with a SaaS start-up recently. They scaled quickly to £2.1m ARR but have experienced three quarters back to back of static revenue (+/- 4%). Our engagement has been to get the revenue wheels spinning faster and over the first measurable quarter we have seen an impressive 18%..

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Amelia Adkins 8 May 2019

Bid Writing vs. Bid Management – Which Do I Need?

Industry jargon exists in virtually all professions. For all the jokes and ridicule, it's often a useful form of shorthand communication, saving time for those in the know — but for everyone else it can be a frustrating obstacle. Such challenges may go some way to explaining why a number of..

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