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Amelia Adkins 17 April 2020

3 things you can do today to improve your chances of winning your next RFP or tender

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The simplest things can make all the difference.

Try these three things today to make a difference to the way you approach your next bid, RFP or tender.

1. Switch your perspective

  • The process of responding to an RFP or tender can be perceived as stressful. There’s seemingly never enough time and it’s often seen as just extra work on top of peoples ‘day jobs’. The fear investing time and money into something you then might lose only adds pressure and the potential for negativity towards the situation.
  • Imagine flipping this perspective, and seeing your next bid not as a burden but as an exciting opportunity. An opportunity to develop something brand new. An opportunity to create the perfect solution to a client challenge. An opportunity to win a contract that has a huge impact on your company’s future.
  • By changing your perspective on responding to RFPs, you move from fearful to fearless in your approach to winning work, and open yourself up to greater possibilities. 

2. Give your team freedom to think differently

  • Diversity is a key ingredient of success and the key to achieving diversity when responding to an RFP is to consider multiple perspectives.
  • As the Bid Boss, you need to make sure that everyone in your bid team is heard. Leave the office politics at the door and create an environment where your team have the freedom to voice their opinions, constructively challenge each other and the status quo and come up with new ideas.

3.Ask for help if you need it

  • Knowing your weaknesses is just as important in bidding as knowing your strengths.
  • Whether you need a critical review, some branding advice or just an extra pair of hands, get support where you need it most. This could be from your bid team, leveraging the strength of the wider company or engaging with a strategic consultant, like ShineX.