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Amelia Adkins 8 May 2019

Can Social Media help you win RFP's?


We got together with one of our favorite experts, Katy Howell, CEO of Immediate Future, to explore the role of social media in a closed competitive environment. 

RFP evaluators are out there along with everyone else on social media. Social helps to keep your company at the front of their minds and tracking your prospects gets you insight to inform your RFP strategy and offer.


It’s important to remember that just like doing a good proposal, social media doesn’t work if it’s all about you.

So start with your audience. Get to know their passions and pain. Use tools like CrystalKnows and research to get under the skin of what matters to them.

Build a social media approach that responds to your evaluator's behaviors and interests. Show how your activities address these. Always put yourself in your audience’s shoes and imagine what would catch your eye.


To win a bid you need to stand out from the competition and it’s just the same with your social content. It’s not about more content, it’s about better content. Don’t be too obvious and develop content targeted to your audience, that sells your value.

Content tilt is a brand's unique perspective on its content niche, which creates an opportunity for you to attack, lead and, ultimately, own your category. Think about why someone should buy from you. Explain what your business can do for your client and how you make an impact.


You need to make your content engaging. There are a range of mediums you can use to share information with your audience.

Did you know that we now spend 30 minutes a day watching videos on our mobile devices. Videos provide a potential way around short attention spans and give your content a greater chance of reaching your target.


It’s all about sharing. Social selling is the process of developing relationships as part of the sales process. Grow your network and use it to reach your bid evaluators and build the profile you need to position yourself for your bids. 

Engage your employees and partners, more voices give better reach. Differentiate yourselves from the noise, structure content logically and provide landing pages and links to share.


A few simple steps to start your social media campaigns and get that head start for your bid:

  1. Start early - before a bid is a bid, get your messages out there.
  2. Get insight - understand your audience and tailor your content to them.
  3. Don't be vanilla - take a stance, don't aim to blend in with the rest and sell the benefits of your activity.
  4. Be engaging - make your content interesting, think about what would make your thumb stop.
  5. Connect - grow your networks and get your message out there in partnership with others.