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Laura Rogers 1 May 2019

How diversity can improve your chance of winning


Diversity is a key component of any team – it brings more creative ideas and different perspectives that really help to generate new thinking and find new solutions. Capturing and harnessing these different perspectives is critical to generating the thinking needed to develop a winning bid.

From career starters to long-standing bidders, everyone has something valuable to give, be it a fresh new approach to things, or a deep understanding of the procurement process. 


Technical, creative, project management, writers – the skills needed to bid can be endless. You won’t always get the same set of skills in one person. In fact, if you did, that person would be run ragged trying to get everything done. 

With a diverse team, everyone brings something different and you can draw on one another’s unique abilities, strengths and insight to achieve the common goal of submitting a bid. This not only increases productivity and reduces inefficient use of time, but it also creates a competitive advantage for the project team and organization.


It isn’t always easy to see things from another’s point of view, and to create a really good bid, your offer needs to cover all bases and be clear on who you are really targeting. By having a diverse bid team, you will automatically benefit from the wisdom of others and will instantly have critics that can help fine tune your offer and hit the target.


A great bid takes a lot of effort from a lot of people. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you and you alone can win a bid. As highly skilled as you are, the bid will always benefit from the experience of many. And you can learn so much from other people – new software,  new approaches, new ideas. Embrace difference and make it work for you and your bid.

Innovation is often something clients are looking for in bid responses, but how much of that do you see in bidding? Professional bidders and bid teams need to put their money where their mouth is and evolve with the times. It’s time to rewrite the rule-book and celebrate diversity in bidding.