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Amelia Adkins 12 May 2019

Why you should adopt an inside sales model to drive revenue

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Selling remotely is nothing new, since the rise of telemarketing from its roots in the 1950s, selling has evolved, with the ‘Inside Sales’ model now being adopted at unprecedented rates.

B2B, SaaS and Tech have been the fastest industries to adopt the modern approach to Inside Sales, many benefiting from reduce sales cycles and ever increasing deal value sizes.

It is now cited that 1 in 2 SaaS organisations run an Inside Sales model rather than more traditional models of enterprise and field sales.

With our technological world outpacing every other industry in terms of growth, the Inside Sales model seems set for continued growth.

Why should you adopt an Inside Sales model?
  • It can reduce complexities in your sales process
  • It can reduce your cost of customer acquisition
  • It can provide stronger links between your sales and marketing team
  • You can react faster to market trends and customer needs at scale
  • You can reduce the length of your sales cycle
  • You can train your team quicker and more efficiently
  • You can nurture the sales process more effectively without the need to meet your buyer multiple times face to face

An average deal now includes 5 or more decision makers and typically takes over 8 follow up touch points to get the deal closed. According to a recent survey the average Inside Sales rep now carries a quota of $923k in the US and £520k in the UK, which is a 30% increase in the last 24 months.

If you are considering setting up a new inside sales team or have the desire to change your current sales approach, we are on hand to discuss your revenue growth ambitions in more detail.